Stop Swiping,
Start Live-ing!

Up to 10 meetings | In 1 hour |
For 5 minutes each


Why is

Shaadi Live revolutionary?

Shaadi Live is a first of its kind virtual event where you will get to meet and talk to up to 10 matches over multiple back-to-back 5 minute video calls.

Because it helps Calling In Love

We know falling in love takes time, but finding someone to fall in love with, shouldn’t. That’s why, Shaadi Live. With Shaadi Live, you can meet up to 10 matches in an hour over video calls, at least 2-3 times a month.

No time? No Problem

When you say yes to Shaadi Live, you’ll be able to meet multiple matches, up to
10 sometimes, all within a span of 1 hour.

Getting no response from matches?

Get onto Shaadi Live and instantly know if you like them and if they like you.

Sounds amazing right? Hop on, download the app to know when your Shaadi Live Event happens next.

How does

Shaadi Live work?

1. Download

Get the app.

2. Make your profile

Create your profile and upgrade to a premium membership.

3. Receive a pass

You'll get passes to attend Shaadi Live events based on the membership plan you buy.

4. Get Notified

Once you sign up, you'll be notified about it closer to the day and time of your event.

5. Join In

A few minutes before the event, click on the join button and wait for your match to join.

6. Meet Matches

The event is scheduled for an hour and you're likely to meet up to 10 matches in that time period.

Know the rules

Shaadi Live Events are intended to be a safe space for having meaningful conversations with your matches. Here are a few rules to keep in mind while on video calls


Be respectful and kind to the other person.


Spend time in getting to know them and do not comment on their looks.


Keep your video on at all times - that's the whole point of it, isn't it.


If someone makes you feel unsafe, you can report them and leave the chat instantly.

How to Shaadi Live ?

We know talking to new faces can be hard, but we’re here to make it easy for you. Watch the videos below and you’ll feel a lot more prepared when it comes to your Shaadi Live conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All About Shaadi Live
  • What to Expect from Shaadi Live?
  • Making the Most of Shaadi Live

Shaadi Live is a first of its kind virtual event where you will get to have 5 minute virtual meetings with upto 10 preferred matches over back-to-back video calls.

Shaadi Live is a premium feature. You will need a pass to attend the event. Depending on the premium plan that you upgrade to, you will be allotted a certain number of passes which you can then use to participate in events. Please head to the plans section on the App for more details.

Depending on the premium plan that you upgrade to, you will be allotted a certain number of passes which you can then use to participate in events. Please head to the plans section on the App for more details.

No. Shaadi Live is exclusively for premium members.

No. Shaadi Live is a service within the app.

No you don’t. Shaadi Live comes free with your premium membership.

Participants are selected based on your partner preferences. We want you to find your ideal match and hence for each event, we consider most of the attributes of your partner preference such as age, height, location, qualification, income, religion. Once these matches are zeroed in, they are then invited for the event. Please ensure that your partner preferences are updated at all times.

We try to match you with upto 10 matches for each event, but this number may be higher or lower depending on how many people join on the given event date and time.

Shaadi Live events happen on a daily basis. The ones where you have been invited will show up on the ‘My Shaadi’ section of your Android & iOS app . In case you don’t find any events there, it is possible that currently there aren’t any appropriate events planned for you. Rest assured that our system will ensure you have enough events planned as per your quota of passes under your membership.

Yes, it is invite only. Only the users who match partner preferences of each other get to join a particular event. Our system picks for the list of active users, and tries to allocate maximum events for everyone. If you haven’t been invited to any event yet, maybe your preferences are too strict. Relaxing your filters a little, increases your chances of  joining more events.

There are 2 types of Shaadi Live events:
 i) For profiles created by individuals – Only the potential groom or bride can attend these events
 ii) For profiles created by families –  Parents or family are only invited for these events

Parents or family are only invited to events if they’ve created your account. It is recommended that only the person who has created the profile attends the event.

i) We schedule an event based on certain attributes such as age, height, location, qualification, income, religion, mother tongue etc. E.g. We will schedule an event on a particular day between 7 – 8 PM for all users belonging to Hindu religion having mother tongue Marathi who are never married and have created the profile themselves.

ii) On the day of the event, we will send the event invitation to the above set of users through different channels: Push Notification, SMS etc.

iii) All users who login to the platform on the day of the event and satisfy the above conditions are admitted into the event.

iv) All the admitted users simply have to login to the app between 7 to 8 PM.

v) After logging in, users will have to join the event by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button.

vi) Users can join the event from –
1) The ‘Join Now’ button on the ‘My Shaadi Page’ which will appear as soon as you login
2) The Shaadi Live banner displayed on the matches listing screen
3)The Shaadi live widget displayed on the ‘My Shaadi Page’ page of the app.

vii) Once we have a sufficient number of matches on the event link, we will begin the event, and you get paired with these matches one by one for a 5-minute video conversation.

viii) The call automatically disconnects after 5 minutes and the next call begins.

ix) The process continues until you’ve connected with all of the available matches for that particular event.

We may not have any events planned for you at this moment. Our team is continuously working to find the best events to bring you a step closer to finding your match. Please keep checking this space for upcoming events.

We will ensure that you have been invited for enough events as per your membership before it expires. Shaadi Live events are being scheduled on a daily basis, and you can see updates on the app. Also, when you are invited for new events, you will be informed via notifications and emails.

You can see a list of all the users who have been invited for the event as a part of your onboarding once you have joined the event. There is no way of knowing who amongst these users you will interact with during the event.

After logging in, users can join the event by
1) Clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button on the ‘MyShaadi Page’ which will appear as soon as you login
2) Clicking on Shaadi Live banner displayed on the matches listing screen
3) Shaadi live widget displayed on the ‘My Shaadi Page’ of the app.

Yes, you may join at any given time during the event. However, we don’t recommend joining midway because you lose out on the chance of connecting with matches who have joined on time.

Yes, you can leave the event in between and join back later in case something urgent comes up.
However, please keep in mind that you may lose out on connecting with all matches in this situation.

No, since Shaadi Live is a video-call based event, it is recommended that you keep the video on at all times

You’ll need to wait till the next person joins. The usual wait-times in such situations can be 5-10 minutes.

You can move on to the next call. You might have to wait for a few minutes before the next call begins in such a scenario.

Worry not, we got your back. When you join the event, you will be welcomed with an onboarding video which will provide all the necessary instructions. If you still have any doubts, please feel free to reach us at +917208074720 (11:00 AM to 09:00 PM IST).  Our team will ensure that you have a seamless event experience.

i) If you are uncomfortable with someone’s language or are feeling unsafe, please end the call right away.

ii) After you end the call, you will be asked why you disconnected the call before the 5 minute timer expired.

iii) Choose your answer and we will ensure that appropriate actions are taken against the person reported.

No, none of the video chats on Shaadi Live are recorded. No one can listen in to your conversations except you and your match.

If none or very few of your matches attend the event, or if there are any network issues that prevent you from connecting with anyone, your pass will be refunded. We recommend trying to attend as many events as possible in order to increase your chances of meeting your ideal life partner.

Post the event, go to the Home section of the app and click on View more events. Once you reach the Event Listing Page, go to the Completed tab section. On the event card, click on View Matches. You will get to see the list of matches with whom you spoke during the event. You can then view the match’s profile and get in touch with them.

We aim to pair you with the best available match during the event. In the rare case that you meet someone who you do not wish to talk to, please feel free to end the call and wait for the next member to join.

If you have any questions related to Shaadi Live that have not been answered here,  please feel free to reach us at ‘+917208074720’, which is a dedicated helpline for Shaadi Live participants

No. A Shaadi Live pass is consumed only if you attend the event.